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#SponsoredArticle: MSc Strategic Leadership & Innovation In Healthcare



Healthcare service delivery is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. It has evolved over the years with new breakthroughs and innovations radically changing the sector. While these developments have gone a long way in improving quality and productivity, healthcare management has become overly complex in an increasingly dynamic environment. In this respect, the healthcare industry is in need of strong, strategic, and innovative leaders capable of guiding the organizations along the right path. It entails understanding stakeholder requirements; managing collaborations with multiple teams around different sets of priorities; planning and developing solutions within tightly controlled deadlines in the face of limited resources; and ensuring that healthcare solutions meet the highest industry standards.


Our programme, Msc in Strategic Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare, is founded on the research expertise of the Warwick Business School Organizing Healthcare Research Network (OHRN). This advanced specialized master’s degree programme tends to look at the managerial aspects of the healthcare industry. The programme aims to produce executives skilled in strategic leadership & innovation in healthcare management. More specifically, it covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, necessary for health professionals dealing with administration and finance, both in design and planning, as well as in the management of health services.

As a student, you will explore the principles, approaches, strategies, and techniques for analyzing, designing, and managing complex healthcare systems. Throughout the course duration, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge to assess organizational performance and derive the development and implementation of innovation in healthcare organizations in order to bring about improvement. You will learn about the workings of health systems and the processes that have impact on the industry today. Ultimately, you will gain the essential knowledge to manage the integration of people, systems, and innovation to ensure the delivery of consistent high quality, person-centric care.


Having undergone through the programme, you will: Gain an understanding of health organizations and challenges they pose for strategic leadership for healthcare innovation; Learn how to integrate theory and practice relevant to a wide range of healthcare innovation and leadership practices and relevant functions in different contexts; Develop an understanding of appropriate techniques to implement innovation initiatives; Gain an understanding of the development of appropriate policies and strategies within a changing environments to manage healthcare stakeholder interests; Learn how to acquire and analyze data and information to evaluate its relevance and validity in the context of new healthcare innovation and leadership situations; Develop your ability to use information and knowledge effectively; Challenge preconceptions and remove subject and functional boundaries to learn how to handle complex situations holistically; Eventually gain an Master of Science degree in Strategic Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare.


Designed to address the complexity of change within the healthcare settings through innovation and strategic focus, the programme is entirely taught online (distance learning) on a part time basis. Unlike many other existing healthcare leadership courses this programme is distinctive in focusing on innovation and adopting a more critical and strategic focus on the topic from the perspective of organizational theory. The course will take you between 30 to 36 months part time allowing you balance between work and life.


Healthcare management designates the process of organizing and coordinating the performance of a healthcare facility. A health manager supervises the business and administrative aspects of a healthcare institution, and is responsible for the overall internal healthcare system, including clinical and non-clinical staff, partner organizations, insurance companies, government bodies etc. This programme is intended for anyone with a primary degree who is working in the healthcare sector. Current and past participants include doctors, dentists, pharmacists, managers, nurses, and hospital administrators. Personnel in allied healthcare businesses such as medical supplies/equipment and pharmaceuticals also find the programme relevant.

Key skills in healthcare administration include a natural inclination toward strategic leadership, innovation, interpersonal skills, analytical abilities and entrepreneurial mindset. This programme will provide you with the personal, management and leadership skills to perform effectively in a position of responsibility in the healthcare sector. You will be able to configure and deliver excellent healthcare. The programme will provide you with a sound knowledge and appreciation of operations, quality and risk management.


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