Frequently Asked Questions


How do I earn CPD points from Daktari Online platform?

To earn CPD points through the platform, you'll need to complete the CPD activity by going through the activity video, then attempt its post-CME quiz and pass with a minimum of 70% mark. The quiz are in Multiple Choice format are allowed upto to 5 attempts.

How many CPD points do I qualify for per activity?

According to the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council's CPD guidelines 2014, online CPD activities qualify for 2 CPD points per activity.

How can I keep track of the CPD activities attempted and points accumulated/claimed through Daktari Online platform?

Once you’re logged in, go to ‘Profile’ then to ‘CPD Points earned’ tab


How do I claim the points earned on Daktari Online?

CPD points earned on Daktari Online platform are sent to update your Medical Council's iCPD profile account automatically! No hussle! Please ensure your Medical Council's registration number matches what is in your iCPD profile account.

How do I confirm that the CPD points earned on Daktari Online have successfully updated my iCPD profile account?

To confirm you'll see the message: {"msg":"Your points were successfully submitted to Medical Board","success":"1"} after submitting your quiz results and having attained 70% and above. You can also confirm by logging into your iCPD account and checking the points and activity names from Daktari Online.

If they've not, don't worry, just get in touch with us on: and we'll be glad to assist.

I've completed the post-CPD quiz and I got 70% and above but the points earned have not reflected on my iCPD profile. What's the problem?

This could be because of two scenarios:

a) The Board registration number on your Daktari Online profile account does not match that on the your iCPD profile account. If this is the case, after submitting your quiz results and having attained 70% and above, you'll see the message: {"msg":"Wrong registration number format! Confirm the length. (Should be 5/6 characters starting with A or B) ","success":"0"}. This means your CPD points have NOT yet been submitted to the iCPD system hence your CPD points not updated. NOTE: Only add '0' before your Reg. number if it's below 1000 and should match what's on your iCPD profile.

Solution: Ensure your Board number is correctly input on Daktari Online profile account and is similar to what is on iCPD portal. Should you have any challenges on updating it, don't worry, just get in touch with us on:
call: +254 796 112 972 and we'll be glad to assist.
For the CPD points not submitted, also just get in touch with us and we'll re-process them for you.

b) Your iCPD account profile is not yet activated. For this you'll see the message: {"msg":"Your account at ICPD has not been activated, Please go to to activate.","success":"0"} This means your CPD points have been submitted the iCPD but your account is inactive hence CPD points have not been updated.

Solution: Go to and just below the login box, click on Activate Account to activate your account. The iCPD technical team regularly updates profile of such cases hence your points may be updated immediately. For further follow up with them, you can contact them via:
call: +254 731006287


Can I also become a presenter and how many points do I earn?

Yes you can. Kindly write to us : expressing your interest to be a CPD activity presenter indicating your area of specialty and your subject matter expertise and we’ll be glad to get in touch. Each CPD activity prepared and presented earns 4 CPD points.