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Diagnosis and Treatment of Myeloid Leukemia

With Dr(PhD). Rabia Mukadam
Duration: 23:52 Minutes
Validity Till: 17 June 2023

Mastering the Defibrillator

With Dr. Benjamin Wachira
Duration: 1:30:57 Minutes
Validity Till: 17 June 2023

Immunohistochemistry - A Primer on the Principles and Role in Tissue Biopsy Evaluation

With Dr Charles Wahome
Duration:1:10:46 Minutes
Validity Till: 9th May 2023

Cytology In Diagnostic Pathology Practice

With Dr. Mary Achakolong
Duration: 53:57 Minutes
Validity: 11th April 2022 - 11th April 2023

Emergency Ventilation

With Dr. Sheila  & Dr. Wachira
Duration: 54:50 Minutes
Validity: Till 21st March 2023

Evidence Based Emergency Care

With Dr. Benjamin Wachira
Duration: 57:23 Minutes

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

With Dr. Angela Monoko
Duration: 57:19 Minutes
Validity: 10th March 2022 - 10th March 2023

Prostate Specific Antigen: Time for a Closer Look

With Dr. Charles M. Ngari
Duration: 47:08 Minutes
Validity: 17th Dec 2021 - 17th Dec 2022

Cervical Cancer Screening

Dr. Rabia Mukadam
Duration: 27:34
Validity: 12th Nov 2021 - 12th Nov 2022

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